LCF participation in the Closing Event of EuroMeSCo Annual Conference – Brussels

Title: Lebanese Citizen Foundation Participated in the EuroMeSCo Closing Event of the Annual Conference in Brussels

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – On November 30, 2022, at the European Economic and Social Committee, the Lebanese Citizen Foundation (LCF) was an active participant in the closing ceremony of the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference (EESC). “Towards greater Social Justice and Inclusiveness in the Mediterranean” was the overarching subject of this year’s conference.

This last event capped off a series of four similar gatherings conducted in Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, and Egypt. To promote discussion and cooperation on problems of social justice and inclusivity in the Mediterranean area, it convened experts and stakeholders from a wide range of fields.

After introductory comments from dignitaries, the conference moved on to a plenary session hosted by Roger Albinyana, Managing Director of IEMed, where researchers and specialists presented their findings from the national events. Thereafter, speakers from the Union for the Mediterranean, the European Commission, and the European External Action Service shared their policy viewpoints.

Sessions under the Multistakeholder Dialogue Platforms were held in parallel to address the issues of corruption and accountability. Alain Bifani, Founding President of the Lebanese Citizen Foundation, played a vital role in setting the scene for Parallel Session 1: Business Platform – Combatting Corruption in the Private Sector and Boosting Business Integrity. The session featured testimonials from business leaders, policy analysts, and experts in the field of anti-corruption.

Jenny Gilbert, the manager of the EuroMeSCo programme at IEMed, presided over Parallel Session 2: Civil Society Platform – The Role of Civil Society in Promoting Accountability and Transparency and in Combat Corruption. It included testimonies from prominent members of civil society as well as specialists in the field, emphasizing civil society’s importance in fostering openness and fighting corruption.

The Leadership Conference on Fighting Corruption’s (LCF) presence at this historic event demonstrated the organization’s dedication to combating corruption and advancing accountability, transparency, and social justice in the Mediterranean. Talks with participants from all around the Mediterranean gave LCF a rare chance to consider potential international alliances and cooperation.

LCF’s presence at the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference allowed the organization to meet and build contacts with other institutions and groups with similar missions. This will allow LCF to work together on regional projects, exchange knowledge, and tackle problems that are affecting the Mediterranean as a whole. The conference was essential in opening lines of communication and laying the groundwork for effective collaboration, both of which will help bring about a more just and fair future in the area.

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