The Ethic and Respect in the Metaverse

Webinar on Ethics and Respect in the Metaverse, Presented by the Lebanese Citizen Foundation and L’institution Citoyenne in Partnership with Respect Zone.

BEIRUT, LEBANON – The Lebanese Citizen Foundation (LCF) hosted a pioneering webinar on the ethics and Respect inside the Metaverse in collaboration with its French sister organization L’institution Citoyenne and the prominent French non-profit Respect Zone. The symposium’s stated goals were to (1) explore the future of the metaverse and (2) evaluate the possible influence of the metaverse on different sectors by bringing together corporations, policymakers, developers, and partners interested in doing so.

Multinational firms and the incorporation of 5G connectivity and VR/AR technologies were pushed by the global metaverse sector, which is expected to reach $280 billion by 2025. In order to fully realize the metaverse’s potential for innovation and cooperation, businesses, artists, and programmers would need to work together.

The webinar hosted by LCF, L’institution Citoyenne, and Respect Zone enabled strategic discourse among local and global actors. Discussion panels, in-depth technical presentations, live demonstrations, and forecasts of future metaverse developments were all part of the program.

Webinar Title: Ethics and Respect within the Metaverse

The webinar discussed the difficulties of adapting to the “future of work,” which is rapidly changing due to factors such as technological progress and more flexibility. The metaverse’s effect on the future of labor and the ethical and philosophical implications of technology’s fast progress were the subjects of two panels.

First Discussion Panel: Ethical and Technological Considerations for Humanity’s Long-Term Success

Claude Revel, Pierre Paperon, and Alexei Grinbaum, together with moderator Sandrine Richard, discussed strategic and economic intelligence.

Panel Two: Doing Business with Respect

As part of an all-encompassing agile execution plan, the second panel spoke about establishing corporate principles, writing an Ethics Charter, and investing in the necessary systems. Marc Mossé and Anton’Maria Battesti were on the panel, with Alain Bifani serving as moderator.

Conclusion Session: The Outlook

The last panel discussed the metaverse’s legal structure and how Respect Zone may aid in this area, stressing the need of maintaining a competitive edge. The panelist, Philippe Coen, provided some insightful commentary.

Alumni from prestigious schools including ESA Business School, Harvard University, and Sciences Po were among the notable virtual guests at the ground-breaking webinar. By taking part, these world leaders and scholars showed how seriously they take the importance of understanding and influencing the future of this quickly expanding digital ecosystem.

The future of the metaverse and its influence on business, politics, and society were discussed in an in-depth panel discussion hosted by the Lebanese Citizen Foundation, L’institution Citoyenne, and Respect Zone. As we go further into the metaverse age, this event provided a priceless forum for key players to share insights, address obstacles, and brainstorm creative approaches.

The livestream of this groundbreaking webinar can be found on YouTube:

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